bepaly网投官网Everything You Need to Know About Engineered Wood Floors

bepaly网投官网An engineered wood floor offers distinct advantages over its hardwood cousin while retaining all of the warmth and appeal of real wood.bepaly网投官网The reason—it is real wood!

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bepaly网投官网Lumber Liquidators' Schon Golden Teak "Quick Clic" Engineered Wood Flooring

bepaly网投官网Engineered flooring might sound like something that's made in a lab from plastics and other chemicals but,bepaly网投官网in fact,bepaly网投官网it consists of real wood.bepaly网投官网What sets engineered flooring apart from other types of hardwood flooring is that the boards are composed of a multi-layer "core" substrate with a wood veneer top rather than a solid piece of wood.

bepaly网投官网The core contains anywhere from three to seven layers of plywood or medium density fiberboard (MDF) which are put together in a cross-grain pattern using heat and high pressure.bepaly网投官网The top layer is a veneer of real hardwood and therefore can achieve the look of virtually any type of solid flooring available.

bepaly网投官网The "sandwich-like" construction of engineered flooring is what gives it a distinct advantage over hardwood floors.bepaly网投官网Because each layer can shrink and swell on its own,bepaly网投官网engineered flooring is much less likely to buckle or warp under moist or extreme temperature conditions.bepaly网投官网The end result is a wood flooring product that mimics the beauty and appeal of solid hardwood,bepaly网投官网but costs less,bepaly网投官网installs easier and offers the benefits of moisture resistance.

bepaly网投官网"Engineered flooring is a popular choice for today's homeowner for many reasons," says Chelsea Fossum frombepaly网投官网Lumber Liquidatorsbepaly网投官网,bepaly网投官网a national flooring retailer that sells nearly 80 different styles of engineered hardwood products.bepaly网投官网"Since it is less susceptible to moisture issues,bepaly网投官网it can be installed below grade—including basements,bepaly网投官网and areas in the house subject to variations in humidity,bepaly网投官网like the bath.bepaly网投官网It can also be installed on top of a wood subfloor or concrete slab making it an easy install for the do-it-yourselfer," she adds.

bepaly网投官网Installing engineered flooring is similar to other wood floor installations.bepaly网投官网The product can be nailed,bepaly网投官网stapled or glued down.bepaly网投官网"Easy Click" products are also available,bepaly网投官网allowing floorboards to be snapped together and "floated" above the base floor.bepaly网投官网Engineered wood is an extremely stable install because there's very minimal potential for gapping and cupping,bepaly网投官网which is where the wood actually buckles on the edges.bepaly网投官网The flexible construction also makes it ideal for installing on top ofbepaly网投官网radiant heat systemsbepaly网投官网as it's not subject to the shrinkage that pure hardwood can undergo from being dried out by this type of heat.


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bepaly网投官网Engineered flooring comes in a wide range of wood species,bepaly网投官网from domestic maple and hickory to exotic Brazilian cherry andbepaly网投官网bamboobepaly网投官网.bepaly网投官网Regardless of whether you live in a country cottage,bepaly网投官网suburban ranch,bepaly网投官网or contemporary condo,bepaly网投官网there is an engineered floor to suit your decorating style.

bepaly网投官网In addition to the variety of woods,bepaly网投官网you can also choose engineered flooring planks in a variety of widths,bepaly网投官网ranging from 2 ¼" to 7″,bepaly网投官网as well as a variety of lengths from 12″ to 60″.bepaly网投官网Many boxes have planks of differing sizes to keep the installation visually interesting.bepaly网投官网One of the more popular engineered wood floor finishes today is handscraped,bepaly网投官网which gives the product a worn,bepaly网投官网distressed feel reminiscent of authentic hand-planed wood floors.

bepaly网投官网Maintaining engineered floors is pretty much the same as maintainingbepaly网投官网hardwood floorsbepaly网投官网.bepaly网投官网You'll want to be sure that the surfaces remain free from dirt,bepaly网投官网grit and any other grime that might scratch.bepaly网投官网Do this simply by sweeping with a soft-bristled brush or vacuuming on a regular basis.bepaly网投官网When the floors start to get a build up of dirt,bepaly网投官网clean them with a damp mop and a mild solution of vinegar and water.bepaly网投官网Never use a soaking-wet mop because even though engineered floors are moisture resistant,bepaly网投官网it's never a good idea to drench them completely.bepaly网投官网Since floorboards are generally pre-finished,bepaly网投官网waxes or harsh chemical cleaners are generally not recommended.

bepaly网投官网Just like hardwood floors,bepaly网投官网if someday your engineered floors lose their luster,bepaly网投官网you can sand them down and refinish them.bepaly网投官网This is especially true of engineered flooring boards that are 3/4″ thick as opposed to the thinner 3/8″ variety.bepaly网投官网In the thicker boards,bepaly网投官网the veneer is also beefier,bepaly网投官网so you should be able to refinish them two-to-three times over their lifespan,bepaly网投官网which is generally considered to be 40 – 80 years—a long life indeed for a product that can be had for as little as $1.69 per square foot.

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